Kristjan Kalde portrait with flowersI am a painter working with a theme of landscapes, through which I explore experience, memory and imagination. My interest in this subject has a lot to do with my childhood. I grew up in the South-Estonian countryside, surrounded by lakes, forest, swamps and fields, influencing a lot how I relate to nature.
Most of my paintings are based on my childhood environment, but I am not depicting certain places but rather memories and feelings connected to them. Mostly painting natural landscapes I exclude signs of human presence, putting more focus on human experience rather than their influence. To me it is important to convey a feeling with my work that I felt while confronted with nature, mystery and wonder.


Name: Kristjan Kalde
Date of birth: 27.09.1992
Place of birth: Tartu, Estonia
Residence: Tallinn, Estonia
Contact: kristjan.kalde@gmail.com


2012-2016 University of the Arts Utrecht (HKU): bachelor of fine art
2008-2012 Tartu Art School: graphic design


2018 Siseväli, Tallinn University, Tallinn, EST (solo)
2017 Tajumaa, Tallinn University, Tallinn, EST (solo)
2016 Tartu Kunstikool 65, gallery Noorus, Tartu, EST
2016 HKU Fine Art – Graduation show, Tractieweg 41 studios, Utrecht, NL
2015 I See a Landscape, projectspace KUUB 99, Utrecht, NL (solo)
2015 Our House, temporary projectspace, Utrecht, NL
2014 Luchtkastelen, Castle-Museum Sypesteyn, Loosdrecht, NL


2016 Op gespannen voet met de waarheid (At odds with the truth) – article in NRC
2016 HKU FA TWG 2016 – HKU published magazine about 2016 Fine Art graduates
2016 Why paint landscapes? – Thesis